Measuring TV advertising ROI as a business.

How To Measure TV Advertising ROI

TV advertising is a great investment for many businesses and it still plays an essential role within many company’s marketing strategy. Considering that TV generates ‘two to four times greater brand ROI’ than high-growth media channels like social media and short form video, and ‘increases the effectiveness of other media by 25%’, it’s not surprising

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Flicking through TV advertisments.

Is TV Advertising Dead?

Today, there’s a lot of discourse that suggests TV advertising isn’t as popular an advertising medium as it used to due to the shift in people watching less live television and more on streaming platforms such as Netflix, contributing to the narrative that TV advertising is dead. However, the facts are different. As of July

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Key Digital Advertising Metrics To Measure

Digital advertising plays a fundamental role in a business’ marketing strategy, with platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram amongst the most popular platforms for digital advertising. In fact, ‘94% of marketers use Facebook advertising’, with around ‘3 million businesses’ using Facebook for marketing purposes. There are various metrics within digital advertising that you can

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How To Manage Your Ecommerce Inventory

In short, inventory management can be defined as ‘sourcing, storing, and selling inventory’. So, why is inventory management important for ecommerce businesses and how do you manage your ecommerce inventory? Inventory management is essential for an ecommerce business to establish how much stock you have, when you need to order more stock to meet demand,

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How To Scale Up Your Ecommerce Business

Scaling your own ecommerce business, or any business for that matter, can be a daunting prospect. However, scaling is an essential step for all businesses, so that your business is able to handle an ‘increase in sales, work, or output in a cost effective manner’. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method when it comes to scaling,

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How To Measure Your Digital Advertising

When compared to traditional channels of advertising, such as direct mail, billboards, and magazines, the use of digital advertising is relatively new, with the first online advertisement appearing in 1994. Since then, digital advertising has become a fundamental part of marketing strategy, allowing marketers to become more focused and strategic. It can be a challenge

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how to measure customer lifetime value

How to Measure Customer Lifetime Value

Often considered an essential element of understanding your businesses profitability – working out costumer lifetime value (LTV) can offer a benchmark when assigning ad spends and target customer acquisition cost in digital marketing campaigns. Before measuring your customer lifetime it’s important to understand exactly what LTV is. Put simply, customer lifetime value is a metric

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