Juice Insights:

The Ultimate Profit Platform for eCommerce

Your dynamic profit partner, unveiling real-time profitability insights for your eCommerce venture. Understand your profitability on a store or even order—it’s your narrative to craft.

Connect Insights, get Juice, scale faster!

Why Juice Insights?

Juice Insights is your all-in-one eCommerce companion, arming you with the tools to decode your marketing channels and make calculated moves.

Without Juice Insights

  • No central view of data
  • Missed opportunities
  • Low-owned marketing attribution
  • No profitability insights
  • No sense of what 'good' looks like
  • Higher CPA and lower ROAS

With Juice Insights

  • Unified view of your data
  • Instant insights & suggestions
  • Maximise owned marketing channels
  • Clear view of profitability
  • Industry-specific benchmarks
  • Lower CPA and higher ROAS

Connect your eCommerce & Marketing Channels

Track Your Profit Daily

While total sales are important, it’s your net profit that truly counts. With Juice Insights, you can effortlessly track your profitability in real time. Sync your store with our platform and get all the metrics that matter conveniently displayed on a single screen.

Unveil Profitability by Product

  • Input product costs or sync seamlessly with Shopify.
  • Identify your power products, and eliminate the underperformers.
  • No more guesswork, Juice Insights calculates your break-even point ROAS per product.

Master Profitability per Order

  • Juice Insights dissects product costs in your orders, along with vital costs like transaction fees, discounts, and shipping.
  • Better understand the traits of your most profitable orders so you can find more similar customers.
  • Calculate your break-even point ROAS per product.

Stay Informed, Anywhere, Every Day

  • Receive essential data directly to your inbox daily.
  • Access Juice Insights from any device, ensuring you’re always connected.
  • Gain a comprehensive roadmap for achieving success with ease.
Your Hub for All Departments
Juice Insights streamlines operations - no more juggling marketing platforms. Unlock real-time data for your sales and marketing channels.
Live Data & Insights
Get real-time insights, discern the stars from the strugglers, and make strategic priorities.
Accurate ROAS Insights
Banish ad profitability guesswork. Juice Insights computes break-even point ROAS per product, giving you the exact moment profit kicks in.
Industry Insights
Uncover product and order-level costs, including transaction fees, discounts, and shipping fees.
GA4 & Google Search Console Integration
Integrate GA4 and Google Search Console seamlessly to track performance without leaving the Juice Insights dashboard.
Email Insights Tailored to You
Stay informed with tailored email insights - daily, weekly, or monthly. Dive into goal progress, revenue insights, and channel performance.

Spot the products, orders, and campaigns that drive revenue and ignite profitability.

Juice Insights - CLV

What eCommerce Stores benefit from Juice Insights?

Are you using Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce? Juice Insights has been created to help your brand gain visibility on your marketing activity, product profitability, and customer lifetime value. Juice Insights allows your team to take action across finance, marketing, and product.

Juice Insights for subscription eCommerce

Elevate CPA and CLV by attracting high-value traffic and curbing churn rates with Juice Insights.

Juice Insights for eCommerce marketplaces

Maximise profitability on every listing, SKU variant, and marketing channel. Ensure supply meets demand with ROI certainty.

Juice Insights for eCommerce stores

Fuel your product passion with Juice Insights. Discover the art of effective promotion and master your ad spend for impactful ROAS.

Get Started With Juice eCommerce Insights

Juice Insights is tailored for your growth; no caps on users or revenue. We’re here to serve up the insights you need to elevate your business.

Connect your data and let the Juice journey begin!

Juice Insights

Rolling Insights Subscription
£ 99
Month* +VAT
  • Unlimitted users
  • No revenue cap
  • Email reporting
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Reporting
  • Profitability analysis
  • Juice funding indicators

Juice Insights

Annual Insights Subscription
£ 999
Year* +VAT
  • Unlimited users
  • No revenue cap
  • Email reporting
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Reporting
  • Profitability analysis
  • Juice funding indicators
Save 16%

*pricing is on a monthly / yearly basis for one store. Multiple stores will increase the pricing per month or year.

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