We help digital companies scale faster by offering flexible funding with no equity dilution. Whether you have a subscription, eCommerce, gaming, app-based, affiliate or B2B model. Get in touch to see how we can best support your future growth plans with our flexible funding products (e.g. digital marketing, inventory, invoice funding).

This is a form of financial lending where you can withdraw funds, repay, and withdraw again. This enables founders to have more control over their capital and access substantially more than many other lenders in the market. 

Unlike a term loan, which you can only access once, a revolving credit facility can be paid and accessed multiple times over a 24-month term. Thus providing you more capital than any other lender in the market. 

Eg. a £100k facility which you can drawdown a third each month will provide founder with over £360k of drawdown capital over the first 12 months.


Your business will qualify for Juice if you are generating £20,000+ in monthly revenues. It is also recommended that you are spending £10,000+ towards digital marketing. Get in contact today or apply on our platform to see if you are eligible for Juice funds.


You can apply via our online platform. The first step is to connect us to your marketing data (e.g., Shopify, Facebook, Google), and send over some of your financial documents and spreadsheets (e.g. current balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cashflow forecasts).

The process of getting approved can take no longer than 24 hours. For larger credit facilities, documentation and security arrangements means this might take longer.

Regardless of your ambitions and facility size, we’ll support you through the entire process and get you funded as efficiently and quickly as possible.


Once the facility has been approved, funds will be immediately loaded onto your Juice card for you to start spending. You’ll be notified about the update via email.

We offer flexible funding, so you can request capital as and when your company needs. Your account manager will work closely with you to determine the appropriate amount of funding needed to optimise performance as your business grows.

Absolutely. As your business grows, we’ll support your acceleration by giving you the opportunity to increase the size of your facility more and more. We can process these requests at any point during the month.


We’ll provide you with your own marketing specialist at no extra cost. They will help you maximise the efficiency of your digital marketing spend and help you optimise your user acquisition efforts.

As part of our partnership, we’re also able to provide you free marketing and branding strategy sessions, plus we’ll give you access to our trusted network of partners, who can provide support or consultancy in technology, digital marketing and advertising at discounted rates.

Our specialists will give you the option of hosting bi-weekly performance sessions with you and your team, providing an in-depth analysis of your marketing data across different platforms. 


Our solutions provide companies with scalable credit lines, ranging from £100K-£4M with a fixed monthly fee, which is determined via the strength of your financial and marketing data.

We have different ways in which we can structure our facilities, dependant on your financial needs. We offer interest-only periods, between 3-12 months on capital drawdowns. Our typical terms involve a 90-day payback period, where you must repay what was loaned to you after 3 months. 

Regarding interest rates, you pay back interest for outstanding amounts at the end of each month until the third month, when the principal amount that was drawdown in month 1 is due back.

You can pay back funds via bank transfer to Juice’s bank account which will be provided in your loan documents. We also provide an option to have a virtual sweep account, where digital revenues are automatically accumulated. We will retain any principal interest payments due on the specific payment schedule that has already been agreed and clarified in your loan documentations.

A sweep account is a digital account, created in the name of the company, which you can view and access through Juice’s client portal. This account is connected to your company’s payment gateway (e.g., Stripe, WooCommerce, PayPal). You will have the option to authenticate and connect your accounts to our sweep account.

In our sweep account, we will also debit the funds you wish to drawdown for your digital marketing or other financial needs that has already been agreed between your company and Juice.

Late penalty fees may be applicable if you are unable to repay funds.

Depending on the size of the credit facility in place, we could ask for security over the company. This could be a floating charge or debenture over the business. Normally we would only require a floating charge over the company’s bank account to enable Juice to collect required payments of interest and principal on the schedule provided. We will not ask for any personal guarantees or security over personal assets.


We are committed to bringing flexibility and scalability for all businesses. If there are valid reasons as to why this is the case then we will do our best to provide you with a longer repayment window.


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