How To Access The Best System For Ad Management

Ad Management Systems

Ad management systems allow people to advertise their products on social media to reach more users. Content providers connect with an ad management system and provide content according to the products.

Ad Management Tools

There are many ad management tools available that can handle campaigns across different platforms, including HubSpot, AdRoll, RollWorks, Influ2, Adstream, 6Sense, and Celtra. These systems can help you execute complex strategies for your marketing, enabling founders to understand their user journey to acquisition, as well as running optimisation to reduce CPA or improve conversion.

Improving performance, retargeting, and mapping the cadence a user will go through from awareness of your product to buying, is not a simple exercise especially across many social media platforms. Other systems can help founders aggregate and normalise data:


HubSpot helps to lead the audience to get new opportunities. It also enables an adviser to get the targeted audience. It allows you to share your ads on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to increase the reach of your product to as many people. You can keep track of your marketing campaign and get an idea about the public engagement of your content. It is a free tool, but you can also use its premium version to get advanced features.


AdRoll is a tool that helps you to manage your ads by providing many features. It provides AI-based recommendations to target an audience. It also helps you to increase customer lifetime value by offering affordable product deals. And it also allows you to connect with the customers through email or other sources of connections.


RollWorks is an account-based tool. It helps to target the audience through account identification. It handles sales tasks and prioritizes account-based advertisement. It keeps track of your marketing campaign and helps you to automate your sale emails. Its starting plan costs almost $975 per month.


Influe2 is a tool used to identify your business progress through the engagement of each individual in an advertisement. It provides informative content to engage customers through ads. Moreover, you can collect data about the customer’s email or other social media accounts that show the engagement on your ads.


Adstream is an all-in-one tool. It helps you to handle customer engagement, media analysis, and automation. It automatically adjusts your content of ads through the content comparison shared around social media or the Internet.


6Sense also provides all the features that other tools are providing. But it uses AI, big data, and machine learning to identify the marketing value and audience behavior towards your advertisement and products. It is also an account-based tool that collects customer data to maintain its audience record.


Celtra is a cloud-based advertisement tool that provides a user-friendly interface. It provides dimensions and metrics to understand your campaign better and achieve your marketing goals.

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