UK Alternative Funding Scaleup Juice Promotes CFO to CEO

[London. UK], [11.12.23] — Juice – Growth Funding, the leading provider of flexible funding for digital companies, is excited to announce the appointment of Katherine Chan as its Chief Executive Officer. Bringing a wealth of experience in risk management, finance and banking, her strategic leadership is expected to drive Juice’s continued success in empowering digital businesses to scale faster.

Katherine’s diverse experience in finance services, including roles at HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, positions her as a seasoned professional in the financial industry. Her transition from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Executive Officer at Juice reflects her leadership skills and commitment to driving the company’s success in the digital funding space.

Juice has recently funded the likes of Feel, Peachy Lean, Protect My Pet and many more. 

What type of alternative finance does Juice provide?

Juice gives digital businesses growth capital where you can withdraw funds, repay them, and withdraw them again. This gives founders more control over their capital, only paying for the amounts drawn and accessing substantially more liquidity than many other lenders provide.

Unlike a term loan, which you can only access once and start paying for from day 1, a revolving credit line can be paid and accessed multiple times over a 24-month term. Juice provides teams with more liquidity than any other lender in the market and empowers founders with the financial bandwidth to move the dial in their growth trajectory. 

Some examples:

  • £100K facility with a 3-month repayment term, the £100K facility can be reinvested 4 times in 12 months, providing a founder with £400K of liquidity over 12 months.
  • £100K facility with a 6-month repayment term will provide a founder with £200K of liquidity over 12 months.
  • £100K facility with a 4-month repayment term will provide a founder with £300K liquidity over 12 months.

Quote from Katherine Chan, CEO – Juice Growth Funding:
We’ve listened to founders and are here to provide solutions that can scale as their businesses scale — solving challenges for now and for the long term. 

I’m excited to lead the amazing team at Juice to make Juice ‘the’ sustainable growth capital alternative that creates real value and impact for founders and their businesses. 

Quote from Rajeev Saxena – Managing Director at Velocity Group:

Katherine is one of the best individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Over the past four years, Katherine has grown Juice exponentially.

Coming from the corporate world of banking and successfully transitioning to becoming an entrepreneur is an incredible achievement.

I am thrilled that Katherine will take Juice into its next chapter, building it to become a leading lender for digital-first businesses.

Quote from Sharon Keegan – Founder & CEO, PeachyLean

Juice plays a significant role in funding our marketing to scale.
The added value to us is the level of in-house expertise and advice we get on a weekly basis.
This is the game changer for any lean start-up, and I would totally recommend them.

About Juice – Growth Funding

Juice provides digital companies with scalable credit facilities and revolving credit lines, offering flexible funding solutions without equity dilution. Whether a business operates on a subscription, eCommerce, gaming, app-based, affiliate, or B2B model, Juice supports growth plans with tailored funding products such as digital marketing, inventory, and invoice funding.

Juice – Seeding you with flexible, scalable and non-dilutive capital!

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