Peachylean started using our finance solution to run multiple social media campaigns across Google, Meta and TikTok.

In just four months, Peachylean saw its revenue increase by 5x. 

Building Trust in Financial Partnerships: A Guide for Commercial Brokers

In today’s rapidly evolving technology sector, commercial brokers face the daunting task of navigating the complex world of tech financing and business growth strategies. As a commercial broker, you have a vital role to play in ensuring that your clients have access to the best funding options available in the market. One way to achieve this is by establishing a robust network of reliable and flexible financial partners. But how can you build trust in these partnerships?

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How To Manage Your Ecommerce Inventory

In short, inventory management can be defined as ‘sourcing, storing, and selling inventory’. So, why is inventory management important for ecommerce businesses and how do you manage your ecommerce inventory? Inventory management is essential for an ecommerce business to establish how much stock you have, when you need to order more stock to meet demand, …

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how to measure customer lifetime value

How to Measure Customer Lifetime Value

Often considered an essential element of understanding your businesses profitability – working out costumer lifetime value (LTV) can offer a benchmark when assigning ad spends and target customer acquisition cost in digital marketing campaigns. Before measuring your customer lifetime it’s important to understand exactly what LTV is. Put simply, customer lifetime value is a metric …

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What Is Equity Dilution?

What Is Equity Dilution?

Equity dilution occurs when a company (usually a startup) issues new shares to investors, which in turn decreases equity ownership for existing shareholders. With more shares in the hands of more people, each existing holder owns a smaller or diluted percentage of the business. Just as a drink becomes less concentrated when water is added, …

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The Funding Gap; Why Startups Struggle When Trying To Scale

The Funding Gap; Why Startups Struggle When Trying To Scale 

Starting a business may be easy, but scaling it is always the most difficult part. Statistically, an overwhelming majority of startups fail to scale-up successfully and there are a number of factors which contribute to this scale-up struggle. A common reason startups fail to scale is down to the funding gap – the amount of …

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